Stars, Rain and Rainbows – Day 23 & 24

We planned two nights at the base of Mt Cook expecting amazing views, great hiking and beautiful stars at night. Sadly we didn’t have luck as it rained the second day we were there non-stop with lots of wind. But we tried to make the best out of it! 

Day 23 

The night before we went out late to see the stars. Luckily the sky was clear and we were able to see more stars then we ever had before. 

Our luck ran out the next day as it did not stop raining all day. So we took the opportunity to sleep in (yes!), pack up our bags for our flight the next day and visit the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Center and Museum. We spent time reading about the mountain, small village located there and about Edmund Hillary. We enjoyed watching a documentary about his life and climbing career. He was a Kiwi (New Zealander) that fell in love with mountains in the southern alps. He made his first large climb on Mt Cook before eventually being the first man ontop of Mt Everest. 

I only got one photo of some mountains yesterday due to the rain. 

We enjoyed a nice dinner at a local restaurant where David got to enjoy some more seafood and I enjoyed some pesto pasta. 

That evening we finished packing our bags and watched Bravo. Apparently Bravo is a standard channel, so we learned a lot about million dollar listing and dance moms. 

Day 24

Our last day in New Zealand before we head off to our next location. Leaving in the rain as we drove away from the mountains the most colorful rainbow I have ever seen appeared. 

David was also impressed. 

We spend the next five hours making our way to the airport in Christchurch. Stopping at Lake Tekapo in hopes for clear skies to get a nice picture of the lake. 

It never got fully clear before we gave up waiting. 

We found an amazing cafe for lunch. The outside seating was spread across a beautiful garden. I am sure going to miss seeing flowers when we return home. 

In addition to the great gardens they also made fresh food. 

We arrived at the airport with time to spend the rest of our New Zealand cash and relax before our night flight. 

We had to support our teams on the flight home. David wearing his OSU hat. 

Our next stop should have sunny and 80 degree weather, which we are really looking forward to. 


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