Sand, Sun, Turtle and Seal: Day 25-29

Sorry for the delay in updates. There hasn’t been much to update as we are at the end of our trip and spent the last four nights in Oahu (Hawaii). 

Day 25 

We left New Zealand on Tuesday evening and arrived Tuesday morning in Hawaii. Due to crossing over the international dateline we got the day back we lost when traveling to Australia. 

Lucky once again we had a seat between us on the 8hr flight and had an exit row which made the flight more enjoyable. When we arrived in Hawaii we went to Pearl Harbor to see the memorial. 

We enjoyed the sun as we walked around and read about the events that took place. 

We opted to not tour the USS Missouri or the sub. But were able to see both from the exterior. 

Once done at the memorial we had what David calls the best burger of the trip, at McDonald’s. 

Opting to stay in a less populated part of the island we drove to the north shore. Stopping at beaches along the way. We even got to see a turtle! 

Upon checkin the receptionist told us about an upgrade in rooms (I wanted a sunset view) so we would have better views and more amenities. We really enjoyed the upgrade and are glad we did it after traveling for so long. 

The sunset views were worth it! 

Day 26-29 

We spent our days trying to get up early (to help adjust for the time change), eating breakfast in bed or on the patio, sitting on the beach, swimming in the pool and enjoying the sunsets. We decided not to do any exploring and just relax! A little vacation from our adventure. 

Now we wait at the airport for our last two flights that will take us back to Columbus, Ohio. One last night flight, arriving around noon tomorrow. 

In the end we have experienced a lot, learned, grew opinions, let go and are ready for our next adventure that starts in less than a week. 


One thought on “Sand, Sun, Turtle and Seal: Day 25-29

  1. Love the Hawaii pictures, as expected! Nothing better than unadulterated views into “the ends of the earth”.
    (The sea creatures creep me out though!).


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