Climbing, Abseiling, and Jumping – Day 21 & 22

We took part in a few more activities the last few days. Thankful we had the opportunity to do so many activities while on our trip. 

Day 21 

Waking up early, once again, we walked into town to meet up with our group to go Canyoning in the Routeburn Canyon. We spent the whole day with the group of 20 that got broken into two smaller groups while going through the canyon. 

Neither of us had gone canyoning before and were excited for the full day opportunity. We spend the day sliding down rocks, abseiling down waterfalls, and jumping off of cliffs and rocks into pools of water. 

Being afraid of heights I knew I would be pushed to overcome some of my fears. The water runs off of the mountains from the snow, so VERY cold. We were outfitted in a wetsuite, jacket, t-shirts, socks, and boots to keep us warm. For the most part it worked. The first splash into the cold water was so shocking to the body that I almost forgot I needed to swim to keep myself from floating downstream. 

I will have GoPro videos of our time in the canyon once we return home and have time to go through all our pictures and videos. 

Once we got back from our canyoning trip, around 5pm, we took our time taking hot showers before relaxing and watching the sun set over the mountains. I think we both underestimated how tired we would be after the trip. 

Day 22

Once again (we need to get better at this vacation thing) we woke to our alarm at 7:30 to pack up our bags and head to our next and final stop in New Zealand. On our way out of town we booked a bungy jump on the worlds oldest bungy jumping bridge. 

As I mentioned earlier I am personally afraid of heights. But, the canyoning trip helped me overcome that fear. We both took the jump! The outfitter did an amazing job at getting you checked in and ready to jump in a timely fashion. So quick that you didn’t even have time to freak yourself out. Before I knew it I was standing on the ledge waving to the camera before I jumped over 140ft. 

I think it helped that the water below was 11m deep. Just in case the bungy broke I needed to know I could swim and be ok. 

After jumping off of a bridge we started our 3 hour drive for the day to Mt Cook Village. We enjoyed the sunny skies and not so curvy roads! 

We came across a few blue lakes. 

And a lavender field! 

We had amazing views of the mountains the whole drive and even another more beautiful lake that the mountain/glacier water runs into. 

Arriving before we could check into our lodge we took a short hike. The hike was cut short due to strong winds and rain that kept getting heavier. Instead we decided to have a late lunch at one of the few restaurants in town. 

Tired from the previous few days we checked into the lodge and spent time napping and watching tv before we went out for another smaller hike before dinner. The clouds cleared some so we could see some of the mountains! 

Tomorrow it is 100% chance of rain so I am not sure how much hiking we will get in as it is also not that warm. Luckily we got to see a small portion of Mt Cook. 

The skies here are said to be amazing at night. We will stay up waiting until it gets dark enough (closer to 11pm) to hopefully have partially clear skies.  


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