Boats & Sheep – Day 20

Day 20

Today was such a fun and exciting day I felt like I needed to write about it tonight! We woke up to an alarm again (I think we have only had a few days that we just slept in) to get going on our adventurous day. After grabbing a bite to eat we walked into town, about 7 min downhill, to meet our bus for a skipper canyon jet boat ride. 
Us and 6 others (small group again, yes!) took off in a bus with a very informative driver/guide. On our hour ride to and through the canyon he explained how Queenstown was founded, about the gold rush, the tourist industry, the national vegetation, differences in the rocks, how the roads were created, and lots of additional history. 
The bus ride took us down a one lane gravel road down into the canyon. But first we had a nice photo op at the top. 

Although not big Lord of the Rings fans ourselves many scenes from the movies were shot here. In this picture I think he said a lot of the fight scenes and the top of the mountain was some special place. Again I don’t know the movies that well so hard to remember exactly what he said. 
All while managing the tight turns our guide continued to provide us interesting information. If driven on in a rental car your insurance is no longer valid as it is said by many to be the third most dangerous road in the world. 

Once we reached the bottom of the canyon (shotover river) where all the gold was found we jumped on a jet boat. The boat took us up the river about 10km and back again reaching speeds around 85kph. The driver would get very close to the rocks around us and did multiple 360 spins. Again, stopping every now and then to provide historical information about the area. 
A fun filled 30min boat ride all worth the scary bus drive. 

Once we returned to Queenstown we booked a couple more fun adventures. You will have to read future posts to see what they were. 
We got a smaller lunch and a few local beers along the waterfront before going back to our hotel to do a load of laundry and relax some. We only packed about a weeks worth of clothes to cut down on luggage. Although a pain to do laundry it makes life feel a little more normal not so vacationy. We have also gotten to hand try our clothes, which I love. Also, reminds me of my grandmother who loved to travel the world. Maybe that is where I got it from. 

All of the flowers are nice to see since it is winter back home. 
Around 5pm we went back into town to board our boat ride to a working farm & BBQ buffet dinner. A scenic ride on an old stream boat took us to the farm where we enjoyed lots of delicious food. 

After stuffing ourselves we walked through the gardens, pet some sheep, saw some llama and once again questioned why you would raise deer. 
We got to watch some farm dogs round up the sheep and a staff sheer a sheep. 

We enjoyed a sunset cruise back to Queenstown. 

Now it is time to rest as again we have an alarm set for another adventure. 


3 thoughts on “Boats & Sheep – Day 20

  1. Your grandmother would be very proud of your world travels.

    Interestingly, two days ago I found a picture she sent taken from a cruise she and George were on (I just remembered it was a cruise since you mentioned her travels).

    At Christmas, I cut a piece of fruit from the next leg of your journey (been trying not to spoil the surprise for your readers!). It reminded my grandma of meeting up with your grandma there to vacation–I said ironically that is where Claire is heading right now! She didn’t believe me, so the story ends there haha.


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