Day 4 to 8

Sorry for the lack of posting. Our last two nights we did not have internet and with long days it makes it difficult to stay up and write. So for everyone waiting here is the rest of our adventure in Australia! 

Day 4 

A long time family friend and his wife happened to be in Sydney the same time we were. So we decided to meet up and go to the Blue Mountains together. It is about a 2 hour train ride outside of the city. Transit is very easy and was about $30 for a round trip for two. Well worth it! 

The Blue Mountains is a beautiful mountain range with cliffs and nice views.  We did multiple shorter hikes, seeing the main attractions. 

The mountains are located in a humid climate and it happened to be sunny. It made for a hot day! We took stairs down the canyon and saw beautiful vegitation, a lizard and warlterfalls. 

We arrived back into Sydney around 7pm which made a 12 hour day. With a 7am flight to Melbourne the next morning we opted for pizza in the hotel room and an early night. 

Day 5 

We woke up at 4am to finish packing and catch the 4:57am train to the airport for our early morning flight. Arriving with ease we had time to grab breakfast at the airport before the quick 1hr 30min flight to Melbourne. 

Upon arriving we picked up our rental car. After much stress (mostly from me) David managed to navigate driving a right hand car on the left side of the road. It made great practice for two weeks of driving in New Zealand. 

On our way to Fairhaven (right outside of the great ocean road) we stopped at the werribee open range zoo. Another hot day, about 105 degrees, full of new sights. We were able to get some great views of animals, although the kangaroo and koalas were hiding. 


We arrived at our airbnb around 5pm to check in and head to town for dinner. Since our accommodation was close to town we were able to take a 5 min stroll to dinner. On our way back we got to see multiple kangaroo (they like to come out at sunset)! 

It was our first night in an airbnb in a private room. The host, Sue, made us feel at home. Her two dogs, kitchen, neighborhood setting and linens made it feel very comfortable. 

Day 6

In the morning Sue made us breakfast consisting on toast, eggs, bacon, and fruit. It is nice having lots of fresh food as it is summertime here! 

We set out around 9am for the great ocean road. Expecting the route to take us 4 hours total we were surpised at the number of scenic outlooks and stops we were making to see Gods works. 

The water reminded us of the Caribbean while the cliffs reminded us of driving down highway 1 in California. After about 4 hours we had not even made it halfway to our destination but, we took our time and enjoyed all the views and walks on the beach. We got to stop and see multiple koala bears in the trees while traveling through the national park. 

Although partially skeptical of our next accommodation it ended up being lovely. We stayed the next two nights in a platform tent with a nice king size bed and restroom built right outside the tent. No issues with bugs or spiders, or no more than in the states. 

Since we arrived right before sunset we took the opportunity to see some of the 12 apostles via the beach on our way to dinner. 

Day 7 

Taking our time to wake, we ate some sweat bread we had bought at the grocery store the night before for breakfast. We enjoyed a relaxing day driving down the coast even more stopping at multiple locations such as: Loch Ard, London Bridge, and 12 apostles. 

Sadly it was not a clear day but we were happy that it wasn’t raining on us!  Deciding to have a relaxing day we did a bigger late lunch in Port Campbell and picked up some items to make sandwiches for dinner at our tent/camp. 

We enjoyed our drive back to our tent and spent some time reading and relaxing before dinner. We had the opportunity to meet two families that were staying at the facility as well. It was nice speaking to locals about their country, different sports, education system, government and healthcare. They were nice enough to share extra beer they had as we sat around the campfire. Turned out to be a nice New Year’s Eve even though we went to bed around 11pm.

Day 8 

It has now been a little over a week since we left home. The trip is 1/4 of the way done and Australia is almost complete. I had booked us on a morning zip line tour through the rain forest. We were lucky enough to have rain jackets as it was a continuous mist as we zipped through the trees. It was a very nice facility and the tour guides made it fun and educational. At this time I do not have photos as I only took the GoPro. 

After being in the trees we enjoyed a small hike the facility offered to see more of the rainforest. 

We have a late night flight out of Melbourne and made the 3 hour drive back with a few stops and lunch along the way. We will be on an overnight flight to New Zealand where we will start the next leg of our journey. 
Happy New Year!!! 


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