The Rest of 1 -Day 3! 

Day 1 continued…
Where to start! The long leg of our flight (just under 15hrs) went very well. I have always been nervous about being stuck on a plane for a long period of time. But, with the seat back entertainment, meals, and sleep, 15 hours has never gone by so fast. For me that is. Thankfully we had a seat between us on the flight which made it more relaxing. I was able to successfully sleep for 6ish hours while David maybe got 2-3. I say he didn’t try hard enough. 

Virgin Australia did a great job at making the Christmas Day flight as enjoyable as possible. They had turkey and dressing as a meal option and even had Santa on the plane! Santa delivered a stocking with a few gifts inside. Chocolates, gift cards and coupons. 

Day 2 

Upon arriving to Sydney we had no issues getting to our hotel via the train and some walking. Luckily the Amora hotel was ready for us to check-in which was a relief as we both wanted to shower before walking around town. 

Not planned, we stumbled across Hyde park and St. Mary’s Cathedral on our way to Mrs Macquarie Point. The park had many flowers, green grass, fountains, a war memorial and beautiful trees. All nice things to see after being in Ohio during winter. 

Walking through the Royal Botanical Gardens we arrived at our original destination and saw the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House for the first time. A dream come true moment! 

Walking along the Farm Cove we ended at the Sydney Opera House and had our first meal in Australia. David enjoyed fish and chips while I had a pizza as I do not like seafood. After lunch we enjoyed a relaxing and informative hop on hop off bus tour. By this point David was beyond tired due to lack of sleep so we headed in for the night. Slept straight through dinner. 

Day 3 

After 15 hours of sleep and feeling human again we laid out a plan to see more of Sydney. On our way to the bus to Bondi Beach we stopped and had breakfast consisting of eggs and bacon (ham) on a baguette. 

Bondi Beach is a famous beach in Australia with beautiful sand and water. Although it was a little overcast there were many locals and tourists enjoying the water. My plan of swimming changed as soon as my feet hit the water. Brrrr!!! Instead of swimming we spent our time walking along the rocky shore to Mackenzies Point. 

After Bondi Beach we took the bus to Rose Bay which was filled with boats and some stand up paddle boards. We enjoyed a ferry ride back toward the Opera House. 

Grabbing some ice cream for lunch we took our time taking in the sights and street performers on our way to the Harbour Bridge. From the bridge we had some more fantastic views! 

After walking around for about 6 hours in the sun and heat we were ready for a good meal, dip in the pool and bed. 

Overall we have really enjoyed Sydney! It is a very clean city, lots of public parks and things to see. 

Tomorrow we will be heading to the Blue Mountains! 
My goal is to post some videos at some point. 


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