What is Your Type?

My goal was to get through posting about the steps I take in planning a vacation/trip before we leave for our trip on Saturday. I will not reach that goal, but promise to pick up where I left off when we return. Overtime I hope to go in more depth about each step I take and tips and tricks I use to plan.

2. Type of Trip
363.JPGOnce your bucket list is complete you are ready for the next step of planning. Through our experiences we have determined there are two types of trips (excluding travel to visit family). Relaxing or Exploring. Determining what type of trip you want will help you budget, plan and implement the trip. Do you want to go sit on a beach somewhere warm? Or would you prefer to experience cultures, landscapes, and history? One can surly be more relaxing than the other. We try to alternate between a relaxing and exploring trip as an exploring trip takes much longer to plan.
Once you determine what type of trip you want to go on take a look at your bucket list.

What place or country matches the type of trip you want to go on?
Although we skipped our last relaxing trip together, due to both pursuing our MBA’s, we have had a year and a half between the trip we are about to go on and our last adventure in Norway. Our upcoming adventure has required months, if not years, of planning making the time between our trips more appropriate. We are excited to have the opportunity to go on an adventure over 9,500 miles away from home!

4 Days…

Hebrews 12:14
Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.


One thought on “What is Your Type?

  1. Bucket list–Italy too would be near the top of mine (the countryside more so than Rome). I sat and looked at the world map, and everywhere in and around the western world looks enticing.

    I didn’t know you went to Norway–after seeing its amazing landscapes from Rick Steves’ travels some time ago, I placed it too on my invisible bucket list. Of course the Netherlands–and Spain, to practice (learn?!) the language.

    Type of trip–considering we just had a 35-degree below zero windchill weekend, I quickly envisioned somewhere warm on a beach…as you posed in the next sentence! Sitting on the beach, walking along the beach, and watching the sun set from the beach.

    The Prairie has some pretty gorgeous sunsets this time of year–a pretty cheap vacation, I must say. Cold, but cheap.


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